Nauman Social Responsibility Initiative

Executive Team

A five member all volunteer executive team works together to provide leadership on all aspects of strategy & operations. 
Amer Haider ( Saratoga, California ) 
Asghar Aboobaker (Fremont, California ) 
Raghib Hussain (Saratoga, California ) 
Safwan Shah (Fremont, California ) 
Suhail Muhammad (San Jose, California ) 


The following individuals and organizations made generous financial contributions towards an endowment that helps support the initiative. In alphabetical order: 

Ali Hasan Cemendtaur 
Amer Haider 
Asghar Aboobaker 
Awais Nemat 
Imran Badr 
Jahangir Ali 
Junaid Razzaq 
Koshish Foundation 
NED Alumni Association of Silicon Valley 
Nofil Fawad 
Raghib Hussain 
Riaz Haq 
Safwan Shah 
Sohail Syed 
Suhail Muhammad 

Program Manager

NSRI Program Manager
Room # 9, 
Electronics Engineering Department, 
NED University of Engineering & Technology,