NED Scholarships

NED Scholarships:

# 100 Need-Cum-Merit Scholarships spread over 4 years.
# Open to all first year NED University students pursuing a four year degree program.
# Pays FULL tuition fee from first year (FE) to fourth year (BE).
# Funds paid directly to NED University on student’s behalf.

Forms & Last Date:

# Forms available at CSA office.
# Last date to submit completed forms at CSA office is 18/Feb/2012

Looking For:

# Genuinely deserving students
# Who strongly believe in change
# And possess high integrity


The lucky finalist will sign and keep the following pledge with them as a gentle reminder:

I believe in change.
I believe that no NED student should fall behind for lack of financial resources and thus not realize her or his full potential.
I acknowledge that I have benefited from the kindness of Koshish Foundation in pursuing my education at NED.
I recognize the goodness in myself.
I pledge to contribute back to Koshish Foundation at least the amount I availed and hopefully much more.
I recognize that integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching.
I stand for, believe in and possess integrity.
I understand that everyone, starting from me, have a role to play to bring a positive change in our society.
I pledge to be a change maker.
So help me God.

More Information:

Please contact Koshish Project Manager at
Room # 9,
Electronics Engineering Dept,
NED University.

12:30pm to 2:30pm