Advance Communication Techniques


Advance Communication TechniquesAug/2004 SZABIST Karachi Atif Tahir Faisal Ali

Mr. Atif Tahir is doing his PhD in Computer Science from Queens University Belfast, UK. He has over 10 research papers published, presented in international journals and conferences. His research areas include Pattern Recognition, QoS, Multicast Routing, Optimization Problems & Medical Image Processing. He has a Masters in Computer Engineering from K.F.U.P.M, Dhahran; and a B.E. Computer Engineering from NEDUET. 

Mr. Faisal Ali is working at Cisco Systems, San Jose, California as a software engineer since 2001. His area of expertise include Voice and Telephony. He holds a Masters in Computer Engineering from WSU, Kansas; and a B.E Computer Engineering form NEDUET. 

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