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Crypto EngineeringFeb/2004 
NED University and
Sir Syed University 
KarachiAwais Nemat

In the past the main concern of the IT security community was to secure LANs, intranets and the Internet. Today Wireless Networks and Hand Held Devices have brought new security challenges. Tomorrow's IT applications would be quite different. The role of crypto engineering will become more crucial.

Awais Nemat is a Senior Technical Leader at Cisco Systems. 

Post Event Comments:
Very well attendend at both the universities. Approximately 150 benefited and actively partcipated in the Q/A sessions. 


The ultimate dream 
Your own startupOct/2003 
IBA City CampusShoieb Yunus

Shoieb Yunus 
BS Computer Science, University of Kentucky 

Shoieb Yunus is Founder, President & CEO of Dreamznet. Shoieb has 15 years of experience in technology, product management, marketing, and business development. He has successfully launched OEM and retail products in domestic and international markets. 

Post Event Comments:
A very informative and comprehensive Q/A session was much appreciated by all.


XML BasicsSept 2003 
NED UniversityAzeem Sattar

Azeem Sattar 
B.E. Computer Systems, NED, Karachi 
M.S. Computer Science, WSU, Kansas 

Currently working for Cash Edge Inc. (www.cashedge.com). Interests - Java, XML and RDBMS. 

* Introduction to XML 
* How XML can be used 
* XML Syntax; Elements' Attributes; Validation; Schema; Namespace 
* XML DTD - Introduction to DTD; Elements; Attributes; Entities; Validation; Examples 

Post Event Comments:
Students and faculty members ejoyed it.


Digital CommunicationJuly-Aug 2003 
NED UniversityArif Munif

This is meant to be a basic introductory course in Digital Communications. It will cover core concepts, ranging from representation of signals to optimum receiver design for AWGN channels. It will provide students an over all feeling of communication systems and will also familiarize them with the practical cellular systems that are deployed in today's world markets. 
This course will try to keep mathematics to a minimum without compromising on the essentials. It will step through a practical solution that students can see working [Matlab simulations]. 
Finally it will briefly touch upon some of the advanced topics in Digital Communications Systems and provide directions to those who want to explore more themselves. 

- Probability, Random variables, and Stochastic Processes 
- Linear Algebra (Matrix Properties and Manipulation) 
- Signals and Systems (Third Year Course in NED) 
- Basic Concepts of Digital Signals Processing (will be a plus but not required) 

Post Event Comments:
The event was well attended.