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NSRI 2011 Launched

When: Mar/2011 ( NSRI Details )
Where: NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi. 

Inculcate social responsibility in students; empower them to bring a positive change in the society. 

The initiative is targeted at a select group of students: 
Ambitious: Who dream of tackling social issues, from increasing the literacy levels to fighting poverty. They see opportunity where others see problem. They are well aware of the challenges that lie ahead but willingly choose to take action. 

Focused: Who are intensely focused even relentless to bring a positive change in the society they live in. They plan well and work hard to improve systems, create solutions and invent new approaches. 

Pragmatic: Who are realistic in their approach. They have limited time and finances but are exceptionally skilled to stretch both. They are ultimately driven to produce measurable results leveraging the resource they can muster. 


The initiative has been launched at NED University of Engineering & Technology starting from academic year 2010. The initiative will organically grow to other universities with time. 

NSRI 2010 Session, Prize Distribution & Recognition Ceremony

When: Jan/2011 
Where: NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi. 
What: 4 teams received a total of PRS 54,000 in award money. 

NED University Celebrates the Legacy of Late Professor Nauman 

On Saturday, January 22, 2011, a prize distribution ceremony was held at the NED University Auditorium to recognize student teams working on social welfare projects under an award named after Late Professor Nauman, a popular teacher at the NED University. 

When Professor Mohammad Nauman died unexpectedly in an asthma attack in 2009, his demise sent shock waves across various alumni groups of the NED University. NED University had not only lost one of its finest teachers, the greater society had suffered the loss of a caring person who understood the importance of social work. Koshish Foundation, a non-profit California corporation, comprising mostly of NED graduates, decided to establish a program that would keep the social work legacy of Professor Nauman alive. Koshish members Ali Hasan Cemendtaur, Muhammad Akbar Suhail ,Raghib Hussain, Safwan Shah, Asghar Aboobaker, Awais Nemat, Amer Haider, Rehan Jalil, Sohail Abbas, and others came up with the idea of Nauman Social Responsibility Initiative (NSRI) Awards, annual grants that would be given to team of students taking on social welfare projects. In a couple of weeks funds were collected to create an endowment of over one hundred thousand dollars. The program was announced in April 2010; from a plethora of applications received four teams were chosen to pursue their respective "social responsibility" projects. On Saturday, January 22, 2011, a prize distribution ceremony was held at the NED University Auditorium to recognize the completed work of the selected teams. 

The prize distribution ceremony, emceed by Usman Rohail, started with a recitation of Quran by Sabih Ahmed Zakai. Koshish Foundation Karachi Coordinator, Muhammad Faysal Lakhani, thanked NED University administration, and in particular, Dr. Abul Kalam, NED Vice Chancellor, for allowing Koshish Foundation to start the Nauman Social Responsibility Initiative at the NED University. Dr. Shams-ul-Haq Pro Vice Chancellor; Madam Neelofur Master; Dr. Muzaffar Mahmood; Controller Student Affairs, Mr. Sohail Fazil Usmani; Chairman, Department of Electronic Engineering, Dr. Shoaib Zaidi; Koshish Karachi Chairman, Jamal Rajput; and Mr. Safi Ahmed Zakai were also thanked for their cooperation in driving the program to success. 

In his speech, Vice Chancellor Dr. Abul Kalam welcomed NED Alumni to take on programs for the betterment of their alma mater. He said since becoming the Vice Chancellor in 1997 he allowed NED faculty and staff to do whatever positive things they wanted to do for the university. 

The first prize among the groups competing in the Nauman Social Responsibility Initiative was given to a seven-member team that worked on making a low-cost motorized wheelchair. The second prize went to a team of students that educated school children on environmental issues. Four students who worked on a technique for detection of landmines using infrared cameras won the third prize. The fourth prize was given to a team of students that made a cell-phone based program to benefit from Karachi bus routes database. 

In his concluding remarks Dr. Shoaib Zaidi said in the short time he knew Professor Mohammad Nauman he found Numan to be a thorough gentleman; he said Professor Nauman knew how to have a debate on an intellectual level without taking anything personally. He said it was a wonderful recognition of Professor Nauman's social work that his students had established an award in Nauman's name. 

Nauman Social Responsibility Initiative

Executive Team

A five member all volunteer executive team works together to provide leadership on all aspects of strategy & operations. 
Amer Haider ( Saratoga, California ) 
Asghar Aboobaker (Fremont, California ) 
Raghib Hussain (Saratoga, California ) 
Safwan Shah (Fremont, California ) 
Suhail Muhammad (San Jose, California ) 


The following individuals and organizations made generous financial contributions towards an endowment that helps support the initiative. In alphabetical order: 

Ali Hasan Cemendtaur 
Amer Haider 
Asghar Aboobaker 
Awais Nemat 
Imran Badr 
Jahangir Ali 
Junaid Razzaq 
Koshish Foundation 
NED Alumni Association of Silicon Valley 
Nofil Fawad 
Raghib Hussain 
Riaz Haq 
Safwan Shah 
Sohail Syed 
Suhail Muhammad 

Program Manager

NSRI Program Manager
Room # 9, 
Electronics Engineering Department, 
NED University of Engineering & Technology,