Scholarships for 1st Year NED Students who strongly believe in Pay-Forward



2012: 25 beneficiaries, Rs 625,000 in scholarships

2013: 50 beneficiaries, Rs 1,080,050 in scholarships

2014: 75 beneficiaries, Rs 1,956,000 in scholarships

2015: 100 beneficiaries, Rs 2,686,200 in scholarships

2016: 100 beneficiaries, Rs 3,172,391 in scholarships

2017: 100 beneficiaries, Rs 3,240.000 in scholarships

2018: 100 beneficiaries, Rs 3,409,000 in scholarships

2019: Application OPEN (Nov/12/2018 to Dec/21/2018) Apply Today



Pay Forward

I believe in change.

I believe that no student should fall behind for lack of financial resources and thus not realize her or his full potential.

I acknowledge that I have benefited from the kindness of Koshish Foundation in pursuing my education.

I recognize the goodness in myself.

I pledge to contribute back to Koshish Foundation at least the amount I availed and hopefully more.

I recognize that integrity is doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching.

I stand for, believe in and possess integrity.

I understand that everyone, starting from me, have a role to play to bring a positive change in our society.

I pledge to be a change maker.

So help me God.


WHAT:  Scholarships for students admitted to reputed international universities pursuing Masters degree
WHO:   Only open to financially deserving students with proven academic excellence

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."


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