WHAT    Muhammad Raghib Hussain Chair of Computer & Information Systems Engineering
WHY    To facilitate research work at NED University
WHO    If interested contact: Dr. Muhammad Khurrum, Associate Professor, CIS Engineering Dept

Koshish Foundation Research Lab
Computer & Information Systems Engineering Dept
NED University of Engineering & Technology


Research Assistant (RA) --- Rs. 25,000 per Month

  • NED students pursuing their Masters in CIS or other discipline

  • Must NOT hold a job

  • Selected RA will be working fulltime on assigned Research Projects, writing papers, etc

  • Multiple positions are OPEN

Research Student (RS) --- Rs. 24,000 per Semester

  • Students enrolled in a Bachelors degree program at NED University

  • Selected RS will be working on different Research Projects in close collaboration with seniors (Research Assistants)

  • Multiple positions are OPEN

It is a great learning opportunity. Selected Research Assistants and Research Students will be working on attention-grabbing research projects under close supervision of Dr. Khurram & other able faculty members. They will be publishing research papers in prestigious research journals.  

If you are really passionate about learning & have the required background, please contact:



1st Year - Research Sponsorship: 

  • June 2014 = Rs. 126,000

  • July 2014 = Rs. 132,000

  • August 2014 = Rs. 132,000

  • September 2014 = Rs. 82,000

  • October 2014 = Rs. 107,000

  • November 2014 = Rs. 107,000

  • December 2014 = Rs. 151,500

  • January 2015 = Rs. 107,000

  • February 2015 = Rs. 107,000

  • March 2015 = Rs. 107,000

  • April 2015 = Rs. 107,000

  • May 2015 = Rs. 107,000

2nd Year - Research Sponsorship: 

  • June 2015 = Rs. 132,000

  • July 2015 = Rs. 123,000

  • August 2015 = Rs. 123,000

  • September 2015 = Rs. 98,000

  • October 2015 = Rs. 123,000

  • November 2015 = Rs. 98,000

  • December 2015 = Rs. 73,000

  • January 2016 = Rs. 73,000

  • February 2016 = Rs. 131,000

  • March 2016 = Rs. 131,000

  • April 2016 = Rs. 131,000

  • May 2016 = Rs. 107,000

Research Center for AI, NED University (PRS 170 Million)

From: Dr. Muhammad Khurram
To: Suhail Muhammad, Muhammed Raghib Hussain
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2018 12:58 PM

Assalamoalecum Suhail and Raghib,

I hope you are fine and doing great. It has been long time, I have updated you about happenings at NED. It is almost four and a half years, we set up the KFRL lab at CIS. It is now called Research Center for AI (RCAI). We are now renovating two more labs as we have won funding for three years from HEC for RCAI (around Rs. 170Million). We will be inshaAllah having enough resources to run this center and expand. With the HEC grant, we would be able to hire larger team and will focus applications related to smart cities and computer vision. As always, there are few projects that are running, I have a team of 6 RAs full time and few part time RAs.

If you remember, we started the Smart Irrigation Project at KFRL (which was the first project of this lab) in 2014. This has taken the shape of a startup company and current incubated at National Incubation Center, Karachi. This start up is in the field and we have few active customers. it is also keeping me very busy. We are also trying to raise funds to subsidize and help the farmers to adopt this technology through indiegogo campaign.

At a govt. university, things have been difficult but some how things have been working up till now :) .. I would really like to thank you (and Koshish Foundation) who helped me in making things happen in the start. Still, a lot needs to be done.